Multi-spot sensors - for measuring level temperatures in tank installations

  • One unit – Several measurement spots
  • Single mounting
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • High tolerance class according to EN 60751
  • Contributing to correct settlement of the volume in a tank

Senmatic’s Multi-spot Thermometers are sensors offering high tolerances and accurate measurement of temperature in each spot element.  Our Multi-spot Thermometers are used for measurement of average temperatures in primarily stationary tanks systems for oil, gas and preheated storage tanks in the power industry as well as for thermal energy storage tanks where stratified temperatures need to be measured.

We supply the sensors with 4-wires connection and up to 16 spots, which can be calibrated with certificate and coefficients to achieve maximum accuracy for Custody Transfer Systems. Multi-spot sensors come in different types including Water Level Sensor (WLS), and a type for Cryogenic use, too.



Multi-spot sensors - see the different types

Tank temperature sensors
Tank temperature sensors

Type NLI - Multi-spot sensor - Measurement of volume

Used for measuring average temperatures in tank systems

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Type NL Cryogenic - multi-spot sensor

For cryogenic use - measurement in multiple spots -200°C to +95°C

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Type WLS - Water-Level-Sensor - multi-spot sensor

For continuous measurement of the water / oil interface

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