If any, research facilities demand precision and stability. To achieve precise control of several important growth parameters, dynamic control of light intensity and spectral distribution is essential, while the same is true for precise irrigation, fertilizing, and climate control.

We are experts at that.

Our electronic climate control systems, controllable LED grow lights, including fixtures designed specially to replicate natural sunlight, as well as irrigation and fertilizer mixing, provides the required precision necessary in a research facility.

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We know that data is gold

With our SuperLink software, you can be certain that data from all sources are accessible for researchers in a usable format. Because we know that data is gold.

All data is collected at one central PC, collecting critical information about irrigation, fertilizer, climate, ventilation, humidity, and gases – factors that are all essential for plant growth. The extent of product controllability secures a homogenous growth environment and eliminates data insecurities. Data is provided in real time.

Our monitors and control systems also easily integrate into existing equipment.

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Complex research projects require flexible solutions

Precise monitoring and control provide full flexibility and makes it possible to sectionalize your research facility based on different plants at different growth stages, which can then be compared and analyzed.

In the crop breeding company Nordic Seed’s research greenhouse, DGT by Senmatic has delivered a fully flexible watering system, dividing the installation into smaller sections via watering valves placed at each table.  In industrial greenhouses, watering valves typically water 20 tables at a time. With this solution, each table can be carefully assessed, while nutrients, watering activities, and fertilizing can be adjusted for a specific culture at a specific table

Read the full case "Flexible full line solution to accelerate crop breeding at research facility" here.

Full-scale climate solution for research

A full-scale climate solution at Aarhus University in Denmark enables state-of-the-art horticultural research, which is necessary for the future of horticulture and commercial greenhouses. Innovative functionality is crucial for the complex setup at the university, but so are stable and reliable operational processes. For this reason, Aarhus University chose DGT by Senmatic as main supplier of controller technology and the following maintenance of the installation.

"Several different researchers have to be able to use the setup for each of their research areas – both now and in the future. Therefore, it was imperative for us to ensure a solution, where both climate, fertilizing and irrigation was connected.”
- Jørgen Rosager, Consulting Engineer at Aarhus University. 

Read about the project here

For Research products from the below groups are suitable

LED Lighting

Controllable fixtures that match the requirements of modern greenhouses

product group

Electronic Climate Control

Monitoring and control of the complex processes for an optimal climate

product group

Irrigation & Fertilizer Mixers

For optimal irrigation and fertilizer mixing ensuring the best growth conditions

product group


SuperLink 6 is the software analyzing climate and irrigation / fertilizing data 

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