Many garden centers include indoor as well as outdoor areas, such as greenhouses, where plant-loving customers can explore flowers, house plants, bushes, and trees.

And that calls for control of climate, lighting, and watering. Customers and employees appreciate a pleasant atmosphere in the garden center, while you as an owner need smart solutions that keep costs low, while also ensuring that plants are kept fresh and look their best with natural and correct colours, as it certainly affects sales.

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Pleasant and cost-effective grow lights

One of the controllable factors is grow lights. Grow lights largely influence how your items look on the shelves or tables. Grow lights ensure optimal colour recognition and promote plant quality. Our LED solutions deliver a uniform light, allowing all colours to shine bright in the best of light qualities. In addition, you can control light intensity and adjust spectral distribution, providing your products the optimal growth conditions.

Another essential advantage is that our LED solutions are far more cost-effective than the traditional lights normally found in garden centers.

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At the garden center Hageland Raglamyr, Norway, an LED fixture with an optimal color recognition and control option was chosen

Control climate and keep plants fresh for sale

DGT by Senmatic’s climate controls monitor and control the complex processes in your garden center and create an optimal climate for your plants. Doing so, allows you to keep your products as fresh as possible prior to sale.

Our LCC-series (Logic Climate Control) controls all climate factors – and the garden center employees can keep close watch with the current climate and easily adjust the settings to match the season and the current assortment.

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These products are in particular ideal for Garden Centers


The Basic Climate Control

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FL300 Sunlight

The LED fixture replicating the sunlight

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VA60-8 Irrigation Controller

Manual and automatic differential irrigation

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HSV10 & HS Valves

For flood-ebb irrigation in a single pipe system

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HS20 Bench Valve

Improved from everyday experience in the modern greenhouse

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Mobile Bench Irrigation

Flexible irrigation for mobile bench systems

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How to choose the right climate control solution

How to choose the right climate control solution

All commercial growers have extensive knowledge about their own crop, however manual climate control lacks data insights and a higher degree of controllability. Maybe you know the right temperature, the correct amount of light and the optimal irrigation processes. But do you know if they could be even better – and create even higher crop quality?

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How to choose the optimal LED solution

How to choose the optimal LED solution

In this guide, you get an overview of which LED fixtures to choose for different horticultural circumstances – so you can find the optimal LED fixture for your production.

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