A commercial greenhouse is a highly complex installation and requires intelligent control of all climate factors: ventilation, temperature regulation, CO2 enrichment, fertilizer and irrigation mixing (fertigation), water recirculation, and grow lights. Just to mention a few.

Out of breath? Luckily, you don’t have to be.

DGT by Senmatic’s 360° management solution makes it easy to keep an eye on all factors – in fact, you can control your greenhouse by the touch of a single finger using our climate control, which connects all factors.

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Harvest your full business potential

We understand that upgrading your commercial greenhouse with the latest solutions and technologies can be a large financial investment. That is why we develop our products with flexibility and futureproofing in mind. That means that most products can be adapted and modified, as your business changes, expands or cultures vary.

We always focus on energy- and resource efficiency. The aim with our products is to contribute to lower the lifecycle costs in your greenhouse. That is also why we develop products in close collaboration with our customers. We take pride in thinking outside-in and test our control technologies and sensors in practice at commercial greenhouses during development. Only the best is good enough for our customers’ plants.

A penny spent can be a penny earned

Can a penny spent really become a penny earned? Our products have enabled several greenhouses to optimize their production and efficiency.

Read how the nursery DanRoses has achieved far better results after installing DGT by Senmatic products:

“When DanRoses took ownership of an older nursery on the Danish island Funen four years ago, seven fertilizer mixers from the 1980’s controlled all watering in the production, but the process was always monitored by the grower due to instability and errors. Now, fewer new mixers give better results – and peace of mind.” Read the full case here.

We have assisted multiple customers to achieve improvements. Find more customer cases from real-world situations by clicking the button below.

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Diagram: Climate components in a Commercial Greenhouse

Our products can operate in several types of installations and are often part of a full line solution.

You can download diagrams showing different ways of using our products.

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360-degree management of your greenhouse

  • Dynamic and complete solutions for climate control
  • Flexible irrigation and fertilizer mixers
  • Effective LED grow lights
  • Reliable mechanical components
  • Userfriendly software for central control of all factors

Product groups

For professional growers and owners, DGT by Senmatic is a full-line supplier of all components required for industrial production in greenhouses:

LED Lighting

Controllable fixtures that match the requirements of modern greenhouses

Product group

Electronic Climate Control

Monitoring and control of the complex processes for an optimal climate

product group

Analoque Climate Control

Get an optimal climate with motor relays, temperature / heat regulators and more 

product group

Mechanical Climate

Gears and racks required for opening and closing windows and screens

product group

Irrigation & Fertilizer Mixers

For optimal irrigation and fertilizer mixing ensuring the best growth conditions

product group

Mechanical Irrigation

Equipment for mobile & stationary bench systems for effectively watering

product group

Water Purification

UV disinfection system for effective water treatment and re-circulation

product group


SuperLink 6 is the software analyzing climate and irrigation / fertilizing data 

product group
Growing tulips with LED grow lights

Growing tulips with LED grow lights

Installing LED grow lights turned out to be a smart decision for Dutch-based Rainbow Colors. In just two years, the company has increased production by 50% and cut energy use by 25% – while the quality of their tulips improved significantly.

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Improve production quality and cut time consumption with the optimal fertilizer solution

Improve production quality and cut time consumption with the optimal fertilizer solution

In just one year, German-based Blumen Colmorgen has experienced several short-term advantages: significant time savings with easier programming, improved problem solving, and increased product quality with a more precise dosage of fertilization.

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Producing red lettuce with horticultural LED

Producing red lettuce with horticultural LED

Swedish-based Spisa Smaker AB invested in an LED grow light system with detailed controllability to meet market demands for high quality produce and red pigmented lettuce. Not only have they seen great results in quality improvement, they have also experienced a 48% save in electricity. 

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