UV Water treatment for greenhouses

UV Water Treatment

Environmentally friendly and careful disinfection

Treating water is not enough – groundwater resources must also be protected. More and more companies are
aware of the environmental and economical savings that follow from reusing recirculated water. And to reuse water, disinfection is necessary.

UV Water Treatment ensures a careful disinfection of water. Unlike chlorination, the nitrogen and organic material in the water are not broken down and no harmful by-products are formed. UV Water Treatment consists of low-pressure lamps with UV-C light. With a wave length at 254 nm, the UV-C light cleans the water in an environmentally safe way. It has been determined that a wave length at exactly 254 nm has the largest killing effect on micro-organisms such as bacteria, vira and fungi. The UV-C beams
penetrates and destroys the genetic material of the bacteria.

UV Water Treatment can be installed in an existing system and it does not take up a lot of space.

UV Water treatment is fully automatic and it does not require specially-trained staff to operate and maintain it.

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What's in it for you?

  • Water treatment without the use of chemicals

  • Does not influence the natural composition of the water

  • Reduces the risk of infection

  • Provides healthier root system and more resilient plants

  • Economical savings by use of the fully automatic system

  • We help you having the water transparency measured

  • Less waste of plants

  • Rainwater can contain possible contagion pressure, primarily from fungi, and this contagion pressure is reduced to a minimum

  • Provides safety when using recirculating water

Further functions Download product sheet
Further functions

Further essential functions

  • Available in different types and sizes for every need
  • Low-pressure lamps with UV-C light - emit less heat than high-pressure lamps
  • Reactors made of acid-proof stainless steel
  • Guarantees an irradiation of 400 J/m2 at all points of the reactor
  • Approved UV sensor
  • Based on water transparency, we help dimensioning the plant (UV, sand filter and disc filter) in relation to the flow and installations of the greenhouse
  • Can be connected to AMI Penta fertilizer and irrigation mixer which ensures optimal utilization of the UV tube burning hours
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

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