Growing Medical Cannabis

Growing Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Producing cannabis for medical use requires close control throughout the production process. All growth factors and the surrounding growth environment must be monitored and documented. To do so, professional management tools such as climate control, LED grow lights, and fertilizer mixers are required. To achieve the maximum yield from the green flowers, adjusting growth conditions to match the growth stages is an absolute must.

The cannabis plant is a short-day plant which needs a long day during the growing season and a short day in the flowering period. Therefore, light control is one of the important parameters in growing. Other important elements include control of temperature and ventilation as well as humidity and CO2 control.

Our system can automatically adjust growth factors to specific pre-set circumstances, while it will also notify you about inexpedient conditions. Often most, medical cannabis is grown in climate chambers, allowing for full control. Our solutions all integrate into our SuperLink software.

This secures the pin-point accuracy needed for medical production, while it also helps you to:

  • Increase production yield and ensure higher plant quality
  • Improve efficiency and save resources
  • Control energy consumption
  • Minimize errors with user-friendly and data-driven controls

The high level of accuracy and adjustability enable you to create the best growing environment for your produce.

Our technologies already sustain medical cannabis projects

Already having delivered equipment for 5 medical cannabis projects in Denmark and for 4 medical cannabis projects abroad with more to come, DGT by Senmatic is an experienced and active player in the industry. That means that we can provide both guidance and in-practice results.

See how medical cannabis producer OC Care benefits from being able to adjust climate – and how technology solutions from DGT by Senmatic support the ambition to produce organic medical cannabis

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Learn more about the important climate parameters of growing medical cannabis and how they are managed using technology from DGT by Senmatic – from grow lights and temperature to ventilation, humidity, and CO2.

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Further information about products particularly suitable for growing medical cannabis:

AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer

For precise fertigation with irrigation control

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The High-Capacity Climate Control with a myriad of options - for up to 16 comp.

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RTF-6 / RTFC-7 Sensor

Combined sensor for measuring weather conditions

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LED fixtures - several variants with many options

See all fixtures - some controllable, others simpler - depending on need

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SuperLink 6

Software for data collection & analysis for optimal climate control

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Full product range

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We also offer:

Questions? Our specialist is ready to help

Johnny Rasmussen, Business Development Manager

Do you have any questions? I would be happy to help you.

I have a solid knowledge of growing medical cannabis - and know how our products are used in the most optimal way. I can guide you in the choice of products, so you can harvest your full business potential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Johnny Rasmussen, Business Development Manager E-mail:, phone +45 20 80 11 03

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