Growing Herbs and Salads

Growing Herbs and Salads

Herbs and Salads

Producing fresh and tasty herbs and salads for supermarkets, catering, and restaurants require constant supervision and control of cultures during all growth stages. That is true for irrigation, grow lights, and climate. Automatic control of these factors is critical to harvest the full yield potential. With controller technology from DGT by Senmatic, you obtain full control and adjustability in a user-friendly system.

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Control taste and appearance with LED grow lights

Did you know that basil tastes like petroleum if it’s grown under too much blue light? Or that you can change the colour of salads depending on the percentage of blue light emitted from your LED grow lights?

Grow lights have massive impact on plant growth and the final product. With our adjustable LED grow lights, you can adjust the spectral distribution (the percentage of blue light) and the light intensity to match the exact herb or salad. We know that herbs generally can consume far more blue light than salads, which have a limit for how much light they can absorb. Knowledge, which can be implemented in the system and controlled automatically, to minimize issues such as tip burn and other leaf edge damages.

At the same time, controlling grow lights and having the possibility to adjust the light intensity in accordance with how the natural light change during the day also ensures that you always provide the optimal light level for your specific culture. Doing so, you avoid supplying more light than what the plant can actually absorb – and you avoid spending more energy than what is necessary.

All LED grow lights from DGT by Senmatic are adjustable – except for our Grow Horti fixture.

See how Swedish company Spisa Smaker uses LED grow lights to meet consumer demand for red salads

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"The high controllability of the LED system was a big part of the decision, because we had a great opportunity to work with the pigment of our lettuce to grow the best possible crop. Besides the red pigment of the lettuce, we’ve also been able to produce a more steady crop with a higher density due to the LED system."

Adam Johnsson Maintenance Manager hos Spisa Smaker AB
AMI Penta fertilizer mixer from Senmatic

Flexible irrigation system for different cultures simultaneously

Different herbs and salads have different irrigation and fertilizer needs. With the flexible AMI Penta Irrigation and Fertilizer Mixer from DGT by Senmatic, you can sectionalize your production to work with different cultures at different growth stages at the same time. In other words: All you need is one mixer, even when you produce different cultures with different nutritional needs.

A flexible irrigation system can be divided into smaller sections tailored to your system and your production. You can divide the irrigation sections in up to 200 valves. This gives you the opportunity to control and dose irrigation to each valve and thereby each culture.

Read about the crop breeding company Nordic Seed to whom a flexible irrigation system is key.

Read about the AMI Penta Mixer - also available as bio-mixer

Did you know that you can re-use return water?

With DGT by Senmatics AMI Penta Mixer you can recycle return water and mix it with fresh water according to a percentage ratio. Fresh water and return water are mixed based on your predefined fertilizer recipes the moment it flows into the mixer.

The AMI Penta Mixer can control up to eight basins in the same system. With the AMI Penta Mixer you can separate the basins, meaning that the return water is in a separate basin in which fresh water is not mixed in. This gives you high flexibility and can significantly optimize your water resources.

Learn more about recycling return water – and optimizing water resources

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Grow lettuce and herbs in shipping container greenhouses anywhere - in any climate

Grow lettuce and herbs in shipping container greenhouses anywhere - in any climate

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Factors to consider when comparing LED suppliers

Factors to consider when comparing LED suppliers

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